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Our New Cast Iron Guarantee

Buy in confidence!

We are aware that many Expats have spent a lot of money over the years in an attempt to watch some UK television, many installed a large dish and receiver, only to find that the BBC decided to take the service to a new satellite with a tighter footprint that did not serve Italy.

This was exactly why UKTV4Italia was formed, with a mission to bring the service back to us long suffering Expats!

So we have just launched two cast iron guarantees:

1. If for any reason, you do not like our product or service - just return the unit with original packaging and we will refund your order (excluding shipping)

2. In the very unlikely event that we cannot supply a UK TV service to you for a 12 month period - send the equipment back in original packaging and in good condition for a 50% refund on your purchase (excluding shipping costs).

We can offer this guarantee, safe in the knowledge that you will love the product!


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